What this site is about

This site provides the CMPI Standard, the CMPI header files, and the CMPI API documentation.

CMPI stands for "Common Manageability Programming Interface" and is a C-language API (enabled for C++) between a Management Broker (aka CIMOM or CIM Object Manager) and Management Instrumentation (aka Providers). CMPI supports the CIM and WBEM standards defined by DMTF.

The CMPI Standard is owned by the Open Group. Its official title is: "Systems Management: Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI)". It is also referred to as "CMPI Technical Standard", or "CMPI Specification".

Current Version: CMPI 2.1.0

CMPI 2.1.0 refers to CMPI Issue 2.1 without any Corrigenda.

Status: Adopted.

The CMPI Standard document has been released in 2/2016 and is available through the Open Group. The header files and the API documentation generated from the descriptions in the header files are available on this site.

Older Versions

Older published versions of the CMPI Standard are listed here.