Feedback on the CMPI standard, its header files and API documentation, or on this web site are welcome, and may be provided by anybody!

In all cases, the Open Group rules on feedback apply, as documented in the CMPI Standard document.


The CMPI Standard is owned and published by the Open Group. Copies of the standard can be downloaded free of charge from the Open Group web site, e.g. via the links provided on the home page.

The CMPI Working Group within the Open Group is responsible for maintaining the CMPI Standard, including the development of new versions. It uses a number of resources for that:

In order to participate in the CMPI WG, you or your company need to be a member of the Open Group Enterprise Management Forum. If you want to join the CMPI WG, please send an according mail to the mailing list.

Note that providing feedback about the CMPI standard, header files, API documentation or this web site does not require membership in the Open Group Enterprise Management Forum or in the CMPI WG.