CMPI 2.1.0 API
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Incompatibilities in CMPI 2.1

Entities that were changed incompatibly in CMPI 2.1

These only include incompatibilities for MIs conforming to earlier versions of CMPI. New requirements for MBs are not considered incompatibilities.

Global CMPIIndicationMIFT::mustPoll )(CMPIIndicationMI *mi, const CMPIContext *ctx, const CMPIResult *rslt, const CMPISelectExp *filter, const char *className, const CMPIObjectPath *classPath)
In CMPI 2.1, the rslt argument was added to the declaration of this function in the header file, in order to get the header files consistent with the CMPI Standard, which always had this argument documented. It is believed that this function could not have been used without that argument, and that users of the function would have added the argument already.