CMPI 2.1.0 API
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CMPI 2.1.0 API Documentation

How to use this documentation

This is an API reference for programmers. Before digging into it, it is helpful to understand the concepts of CMPI, for example by reading the introductory chapters of the CMPI Standard.

The Modules tab (at the top of this page) resembles the heading structure of the CMPI Standard as much as possible (except for the introductory chapters). In addition, it has modules for preprocessor symbols and for the CMPI convenience functions (also known as CMPI macros). This tab should be used as a general entry point, unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

The Related Pages tab provides automatically generated lists, such as things added in CMPI 2.1, or things made mandatory in CMPI 2.1, or the MB capabilities, or a list of deprecated elements.

The Data Structures tab provides an alphabetically sorted list of all structures and unions of the CMPI Standard, and of their data fields. This list does not contain any enumerations, preprocessor symbols, or typedefs that are unrelated to structures or unions.

The Files tab lists the CMPI header files, and with each of them, the list of data structures (structs and unions), macros (including symbols), typedefs, and enumerations. There is also an alphabetically sorted list of globals.

C/C++ Language Considerations and Header Files

As stated in Subclause 4.7 of the CMPI Standard, CMPI is a C Language API. The CMPI header files are usable for both C and C++. The minimum language level that is required for CMPI is C99 (see ISO/IEC 9899:1999). However, not all language features of C99 are used in the CMPI header files.

The CMPI header files are:

These files are provided as a convenience only. In the case of any discrepancy between the header files and the CMPI Standard (incorporating any subsequent Technical Corrigenda), the CMPI Standard shall be definitive.

Some CMPI-related C preprocessor symbols can be set by users of the CMPI header files; they are described in module Symbols definable by the CMPI user.

CMPI 2.1.0 Standard