CMPI 2.1.0 API
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oData Types (Subclause 5)
|oCodepage Conversion (Subclause 5.2.2)
|oC Data Types for CIM Data Types (Subclause 5.4)
|oCMPI Miscellaneous Data Types (Subclause 5.5)
|oCMPI Data Items (Subclause 5.6)
|oCMPIStatus (Subclause 5.8)
|oCMPIRc (Return Codes) (Subclause 5.9)
|oCMPISeverity (Severity Codes) (Subclause 5.10)
|oCMPILevel (Trace Levels) (Subclause 5.11)
|oCMPIErrorType (Extended Error Types) (Subclause 5.12)
|oCMPIErrorSeverity (Extended Error Severity Levels) (Subclause 5.13)
|oCMPIErrorProbableCause (Extended Error Probable Causes) (Subclause 5.14)
|oCMPIErrorSrcFormat (Extended Error Source Formats) (Subclause 5.15)
|\CMPIFlags (Subclause 5.16)
oMI Functions (Subclause 6)
|oMI Factory Functions (Subclause 6.2)
|oInstance MI Functions (Subclause 6.3)
|oAssociation MI Functions (Subclause 6.4)
|oMethod MI Functions (Subclause 6.5)
|oIndication MI support (Subclause 6.6)
|\Property MI functions (Subclause 6.7) (Deprecated)
oMB Capabilities (Subclause 7.1)
oMB Encapsulated Data Type Support (Subclause 8)
|oCMPIContext Support (Subclause 8.1)
|oCMPIResult Support (Subclause 8.2)
|oCMPIString Support (Subclause 8.3)
|oCMPIArray Support (Subclause 8.4)
|oCMPIEnumeration Support (Subclause 8.5)
|oCMPIInstance Support (Subclause 8.6)
|oCMPIObjectPath Support (Subclause 8.7)
|oCMPIArgs Support (Subclause 8.8)
|oCMPIDateTime Support (Subclause 8.9)
|oCMPISelectExp Support (Subclause 8.10)
|oCMPISelectCond Support (Subclause 8.11)
|oCMPISubCond Support (Subclause 8.12)
|oCMPIPredicate Support (Subclause 8.13)
|oCMPIError Support (Subclause 8.14)
|oCMPIPropertyList Support (Subclause 8.15)
|\CMPIEnumerationFilter Support (Subclause 8.16)
oMB Services (Subclause 9)
|oFactory Services (Subclause 9.1)
|oMiscellaneous Services (Subclause 9.1)
|oCMPIBroker and its MB Function Tables (Subclause 9.2)
|oIndications Services (Subclause 9.3)
|oClient Services ("up-calls") (Subclause 9.4 - 9.11)
|oQualifier Services (Subclause 9.12)
|oThread Registration Services (Subclause 9.13)
|oOS Encapsulation Services - Library Resolution (Subclause 9.14)
|oOS Encapsulation Services - POSIX-conformant Threads (Subclause 9.14)
|oOS Encapsulation Services - POSIX-conformant Mutexes (Subclause 9.14)
|oOS Encapsulation Services - POSIX-conformant Conditions (Subclause 9.14)
|\Memory Enhancement Services (Subclause 9.15)
oPreprocessor Symbols
|oSymbols definable by the CMPI user
|oSymbols related to CMPI versioning
|oSymbols related to OS Encapsulation Services
|\Symbols for exporting and importing symbols
\CMPI Convenience Functions
 oFor MB Functions in Broker Function Tables
 oFor MB Functions of Encapsulated Data Types
 oHelper Functions and Macros
 \MI Factory Stubs