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OS Encapsulation Services - Library Resolution (Subclause 9.14)


char *(* CMPIBrokerExtFT::resolveFileName )(const char *libName)
 Resolve a generic load library name to its file name. More...

Detailed Description

Variable Documentation

char*(* CMPIBrokerExtFT::resolveFileName)(const char *libName)

Resolve a generic load library name to its file name.

CMPIBrokerExtFT.resolveFileName() resolves a generic load library name to its file name.

libNameA generic load library name. Depending on the underlying OS, load library names have specific formats: For the generic load library name "MyLibrary", the corresponding file name on Linux is "". The corresponding file name on Windows is "MyLibrary.dll".

If successful, a pointer to a new C-language string containing the file name of the load library (without path) will be returned.

The character array of the returned string shall not be explicitly released by the MI, because it will be automatically released by the MB (see Subclause 4.1.7 of the CMPI Standard).

If not successful, NULL will be returned.

Convenience Function
Requirement Change:
Required to be supported since CMPI 2.0.
TODO_KS The old text in the description of the return value said:
"Space for this string has been obtained using POSIX malloc() and must be released using POSIX free() by the caller. In case no storage could be obtained for the complemented library name, returns NULL."
The spec says we changed that to auto-release by MB.
Karl to double check the implementation